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in SEO - 30 Apr, 2014
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Most Common SEO Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Nowadays search engines became more and more advanced. Online marketing industry growing very rapidly and everyone want to achieve higher rankings in a search engines but while chasing for a higher ranking, we missed important On-SEO factors. Here is some common SEO errors that everyone needs to avoid while developing website.

1. Long Meta Tags: Page title should be restricted to 70 characters long and Page description restricted to 160 characters long.

2. Canonicalization: Canonicalization refers to normalizing multiple URLs. For example, without proper canonicalization, a user may be able to use ALL of the URLs below to reach your homepage.


Solution: Suppose your primary page is http://www.example.com/ then your canonical code will be <link rel=”canonical” href=”http://www.example.com/” /> Read more about Canonical

3. Using Page Redirects:A 302 redirect reflects a temporary redirect. If you are removing a page for a short period of time to make changes you want to use the 302, which will inform the search engines that the URL being redirected will be put back at this address.

When the page URL is permanently removed or changed then you must always use the 301 redirect. Search engines will know that the redirect is permanent or no longer exists and will continue to assign the content with the new URL.

4. XML Sitemap: Always add XML sitemap for your website because it’s helpful to search engines to crawling your all pages of the website.

5. Robots.txt issues:The robots.txt file is an important file on your server because it informs search engine spiders on how to engage with your site to index your content. Just a minor change of one character in the robots.txt file can cause specific indexing issues and unintentionally, you could be blocking your whole site from being indexed. Read more about robots.txt

6. Poor Internal Linking:Having poor internal linking its major issue in your website, which can cause many problems both from a user standpoint and with the search engines. When a search engine crawler is going through your site, it counts on your internal link structure to bring it to every page of your site so it can be indexed easily and clearly. Make sure that every page of your site has links going to it.

7. 404 Errors: Having lots of 404 errors tells search engines that there is a quality issue with your website, so any old or no longer exists pages that have links pointing to them should be redirected to new versions of the page. You can check 404 errors page in Google Webmasters Tool under “Crawl Errors” section..

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