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in Google Analytics - 29 Jan, 2014
by Nilesh Shirke - no comments
How to Segregate Bing/cpc & Bing/organic Visitors in Google Analytics

Google analytics is not by default segregating your Bing and Yahoo cost per click (CPC) and organic visitors. All visitors are included in organic visits section under all traffic. If you see the below screenshot there is no traffic source for bing/cpc and yahoo/cpc.

Google Analytics All Traffic View

For the Google/cpc you have to just link your Google adwords account to your Google analytics and it will start automatically tracking your Google/cpc clicks in Google analytics.

But for the tracking of Bing and yahoo ads clicks you need to do custom tagging to your all destinations URLs in ads copy. You can use Google URL builder for custom tagging to your destination URLs.

Example: If I have “Apple Iphone 5S” Bing campaign for the example.com. Then my Bing ads would have this destination URL: http://www.example.comutm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Apple+Iphone+5S&utm_content=m_{OrderItemId}_{MatchType}&utm_term={keyword}

utm_source=bing (If source is different then change it. e.g. Yahoo, Bing etc)
utm_campaign=Apple+Iphone+5S (Always add “+” sign between two words)
utm_medium=cpc (If medium is different then change it e.g. Newsletter, cpc etc)
utm_content=m_{OrderItemId}_{MatchType} (It’ll track your Ads Id) (Don’t change anything here)
utm_term={keyword} (It’ll track your keyword) (Don’t change anything here)

Please see below attached screenshot for the edit your Bing ads copy.

Bing Ads Copy

You’re almost done with all required steps now Google analytics will start tracking your Bing & Yahoo cost per clicks (CPC) and organic visitors individually. Yahoo ads already merge with Bing ads then yahoo/cpc click will be automatically added to your bing/cpc clicks. Now you can see segregation of your Bing & Yahoo cpc and organic visitors under all traffic section.

Google Analytics All Traffic View.

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