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in SEO - 30 Apr, 2014
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Nowadays search engines became more and more advanced. Online marketing industry growing very rapidly and everyone want to achieve higher rankings in a search engines but while chasing for a higher ranking, we missed important On-SEO factors. Here is some common SEO errors that everyone needs to avoid while developing website. 1. Long Meta Tags: […]

in Google Analytics - 05 Mar, 2014
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Google Analytics Custom Filters

Google analytics now almost used for every website across the globe for analyzing your website traffic source but if you wish to track exact numbers of visitors for your website then you must exclude your internal traffic source. Your organization employees accessing your website regularly then you must exclude their IP address using Google analytics […]

in Google Webmasters - 14 Feb, 2014
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Google Webmasters 1

If you are launching a brand new website or Google was penalize your website and now you are planning to re-launch new website with fresh content, new design, layout and everything. Then you must inform to google after your new website will go live.┬áMost of the times Google search engine bot (Googlebot) will automatically crawl […]

in SEO - 04 Feb, 2014
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Empire Cake New York

Having small business which you want to promote locally? But not having high budget to spend on online marketing? The Internet is constantly getting more and more competitive and high, nowadays local organic search engine keyword rankings are harder to achieve because of lots competition. But for the many small businesses that target their local […]

in Google Analytics - 29 Jan, 2014
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Google Analytics All Traffic View

Google analytics is not by default segregating your Bing and Yahoo cost per click (CPC) and organic visitors. All visitors are included in organic visits section under all traffic. If you see the below screenshot there is no traffic source for bing/cpc and yahoo/cpc. For the Google/cpc you have to just link your Google adwords […]